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Fulfilling a Dream (of many Singaporeans)

Living in a Cluster House is what many property owners would dream of getting a landed property with facilities in Singapore. This is a common dream among Singaporeans and there is some kind of status, novelty and pride as well. A landed property would likely cost a lot more than a Condo apartment but it would provide ample space and more privacy. However, to get enjoy a good swim with family or to work out in a good gym would means getting a country club membership for everyone. Your search for a more fulfilling home may be a cluster house.

New Cluster Houses Available for Sale, from Developers

New Launch at Whitley (District 11)

Development: Whitley Residences
Type: Cluster Housing
Units: 61 residential units
Estimated TOP: TOP Obtained
Location: District 11 – Whtley
Tenure: Freehold

Units Available

5 Ensuite Bedrooms + 2 car park lots + home lift

Size: 5,533 to 7,190 sqft

– Near future Mt Pleasant MRT

– Only Semi detached available

– Facilities: 40 m pool, Gym, Clubhouse

– within 1 km to ACS(Primary)

From $4.9x m

New Launch at Upper Serangoon (District 19)

Development: One Surin
Type: Cluster Housing
Units: 27 residential units
Estimated TOP: TOP Obtained
Location: District 19 – Upper Serangoon
Tenure: Freehold

Units Available

4 Bedrooms + 2 car park lots + home lift
Size: 3,681 to 5,264 sqft

– View Actual Units (by Appointment Only)
– In between Serangoon and Kovan MRT Stations, away from main road
– Facilities: Lap pool, Massage Pool, Open Lawn, BBQ, Landscape Gardens
– within 1 km to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls (Primary)


New Launch at Kovan (District 19)

Development: Jazz Residences
Type: Strata Landed House
Units: 8 residential units
Estimated TOP: TOP Obtained
Location: District 19 – Kovan
Tenure: Freehold

Units Available

5 Bedrooms + 2 car park lots + home lift
Size: 3,681 to 5,264 sqft

– Actual Unit Open for Viewing via Appointment
– 4 minute walk to Kovan MRT Stations
– Facilities: Swimming pool, Children Playground
– within 1 km to Holy Infant Primary School, Xinghua and Xinmin Primary Schools


Resale Cluster Houses Available for Sale,

Resale Cluster Home at Upper Bukit Timah(District 21)

Development: Mont Timah
Type: Strata Landed House
Units: 32 residential units
Location: District 21 – Next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Tenure:99 year leasehold

1 Unit Available

4 Bedrooms + 2 car park lots + home lift
StrataSize: 4,431 sqft

– Actual Unit Open for Viewing via Appointment
– Private and Exclusive
– Facilities: Swimming pool, Wading Pool, Jacuzzi, Gym, Function Room

How to Fulfill this Dream?

The solution is cluster homes and there are rather limited houses in limited land of Singapore. This is usually an exclusive development with the convenience of recreational facilities within reach from your home. These are not available for Foreigners unless they obtain special permission from Singapre Land Authority.

The proper term is strata-landed housing, cluster home is like getting the best of both worlds of landed and condos. It is likely less expensive than most landed properties (within the same vinicity) and residents can get to enjoy facilities like in a condominium environment. Each unit could be slightly different from each other within the estate. The use and cost of common facilities are shared. Some expats are attracted to rent such strata houses.


Please note that the prices reflected above are to be used as a guide and usually refer to the least expensive unit within the development. Prices are also dependent on the number of rooms and type of unit. Prices are subjected to change by developer without prior notice.

Why Stay in Cluster Homes in Singapore?

1. Enjoy Facilities in a Landed Environment

Landed property usually do not have facilities. Those with a pool usually cost a fortune. Facilities in some cluster home developments are rather basic, such as a common pool and security. Some developments have more comprehensive range including BBQ pits, function room, gymnasium, jazzcui, children’s pool, playground and spa.

2. No Need to Maintain Environment Outside the Unit

In a landed environment, there is the need to maintain the surroundings and to handle any defects. There are gardening to do, maintaining the surrounding, ensuring there is no roof leakages (a common issue in Singapore), etc. After a defect is detected, owner would have to find a service person to handle these issues and this can be quite frustrating.

Imagine an extra large landed property with facilities abet that they must be shared with other household but there is no need to maintain them. If you have a large pool in your home, you would need to ensure that it is clean, the water is filtered properly and there are sufficient chlorine (or other chemicals) to ensure that it is hygienic. And this is to be done regularly. Many who used to own ‘difficult to maintain’ landed house would appreciate this.

3. No Need to Worry about the Look of the Unit

External painting in a cluster house or in a Condo will be organised by the MCST and usually done in every 5 years or so. Whereas, in a landed, it will be quite troublesome to have their external walls painted. While one can be creative in choosing a different colour from his neighbours , it could also be an eyesore if the wrong colour is chosen and may end up reducing the value of the house.

4. Spilted Level

There are usually 3 to 5 levels in a cluster home. This would be great for more privacy for entertainment and within the family. The children could occupy one level whereas the parents could occupy a different level and the whole family could meet at the living room level.

5. Security

In most cluster housing development, there is a security service which is shared by every residential household in the development. Owners can be rest-assured of the safety of the resident and would be burglars would be put off by the security. This service could be done by a security agency or via CCTV.

6. Car Park

How about having your own car park lots right in front of your entrance door (usually in the basement)? Wouldn’t that be extremely convenient?

Most cluster home have their car park in the basement and each unit usually have 2 car park lots. This will beat most terrace homes which usually have space enough for only 1 car. You do not need to be concerned with the inconvenience of roadside parking, or narrow drive-through and a difficult landscape of your neighbourhood.

7. More Free-flow Space at Ground Level

Another benefit of having basement carpark is freeing up of space at the ground level. This will help in getting a vast landscape and children can wonder around freely without the worries of vehicular traffic. This is a great pleasure unless you own a big landed property.

8. Private Lift (in some developments)

Some premium cluster homes comes with a private home lift, it is most like you own a private building. There is no need to be concerned if the circumstances makes climbing the stairs difficult.  Good news for those are elderly, handicap or those with leg issues.

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