Lake Grande Singapore Floor Plans

The floor plans of the Lake Grande Condo can be found here.  These are samples of different types of units.  There are many more configurations and you would need to check with the Developer Sales Team for specific units on specific blocks.  Layout of this development are done efficiently ensuring a great comfort for the residents.

A typical 1 bedroom of 517 sqft with master bath and a study.  It has a cosy balcony to facilitate better ventilation.  The study area could possible host a small bed.

This compact 2 bedroom has 1 bathroom and both bedroom have the same views as the balcony.

This is an interesting layout.  This is considered the luxury 2 bedroom unit with 2 balconies and a study room.  The master bedroom has its own bathroom and there are 2 views for this unit.

This 3 bedroom unit has an enclosed kitchen and each of the bedroom enjoys the same views as in the balcony.  For this unit, there is what the developer termed as ‘flexi room’.  There is a total of 3 bathroom for this unit.

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Lake Grande and Jurong

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