The Story of Jurong – the many changes that Jurong changes in Singapore, the progress of this part of Singapore is quite astonishing and the future seems to be brighter.  It will soon contain the Second CBD of Singapore, the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Train terminal and many other developments in retail, commerce and attractions.

The Story
of Jurong

It started with the government’s plan to decentralize and to bring jobs closer to home and bring the congestion in the city down. Jurong was planned to be one of the four outlying regional centres and infrastructure started with better roads, expressways and of course, linking to the mass rapid transport (MRT) network and bus services.

These regional centres are off shoots outside the central area and will be the commercial and cultural hub in that region. It resulted in sprouting more offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, nightlife and even an identity of their own.

Jurong is strategically located in the heart of the West region. It started with some transformation with Singapore Science Centre, The JTC Summit, Jurong Regional Library, etc. Healthcare was also transformed with Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. This was further enhanced with the Jurong Gateway with a seamless connection to the Lakeside.

Then, Jurong started to get hip, with new malls; Westgate by CapitaMalls and Jem by Lend Lease and was even billed as the new Orchard.

The Jurong Gateway boost the life of Jurong and it has:

1. 70 ha of land around Jurong East MRT Station
2. More than 500,000 sqm of office space
3. More than 250,000 sqm of retail and entertainment space
4. More than 2,800 hotel rooms
The Lakeside is developing and planned to have:

1. A new Waterfront Park and Promenade
2. A new World Class Science Centre
3. An Lakeside Village with 4 to 5 edutainment attractions
4. Enhanced Chinese Garden and Japan Garden
5. New shopping places, dining, entertainment and boutique hotel
6. Supporting the Singapore Smart Nation Initiative
7. Supporting the High Speed Rail Network

The Singapore – Kuala Lumpur High Speed Train System is to provide a 90-minute trip between these 2 places. Potentially to be completed in 2025 or 2030, it is using to use technology in specialized tracks and rolling stocks, magnetic levitation and advanced system to monitor train locations and prevent collisions. The Jurong Country Club, which is near to Jurong East MRT Station, has been acquired to make way for the High Speed Rail Station.

Jurong Lake Gardens (JLG) is not just any old garden, it is going to be rosy bed for science, technology and horticulture. It is envisioned to be Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands, a people’s garden for leisure and recreation and a model for sustainability in green development.

It will complement Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens By The Bay by focusing to be a people’s garden accessible to all segments of the community.
JLG will be a unique leisure and recreation destination to serve the western region of Singapore and it is a vital green infrastructure as a mixed-use urban district that is sustainable, smart and connected.

Some called the JLG as the ‘Jewel of the West’. The Minister of Communication and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said in 2014 that JLG is set to be the most futuristic part of the island and will be the largest commercial and regional centre outside Central Business District (CBD).

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