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Such Units for Sale could move very quickly.  Time is the Essence.  Please contact us asap, if you are keen.

This is the most elusive list of units available for sale.  And this is the most fast moving list.  You got almost everything worked out for you - Further Discounted, Ready To Move In and Likely Able to View Actual Unit.  If you find a unit you are keen, you would likely have to be faster and beat those who are interested too.

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Why are some Units on Further Discounts by Developers?

Every developer would want to have their developments to be fully sold. It is their pride and it demonstrate their ability to sell real estate well. There is also the various cooling measures to handle and their reputation to protect. Most important of all, is the profit they could obtain. After all, they are business people.

In Singapore, there is this Housing Developers (Control and Licensing ) Act (Chapter 130) that must be adhere to. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is responsible in ensuring full compliance from the developers.

In order to get the development to be fully sold, more efforts were required especially on the remaining few. Some units are good units, being part of developer’s strategy to sell on a later date but require more time. Some units are simply missed for no significant reasons. Some units were aborted and became available on a much later date.

Today, you have the opportunities to get such units, dependent on unit availability. List below are some units on further discounts by the developers. Please make a comparison to what are being offered in the market today. With the up-coming trend of up rising prices, today may be your lucky day.

Impact On Property Developers

Qualifying Certificate

Singapore Land Authority (SLA) responsible for the Residential Property Act, in managing foreign ownership of land introduced a new rules under Qualifying Certificate (QC) for developers with non-Singaporean shareholders or directors requiring them to sell the development 2 years after obtaining TOP. Otherwise, they will have to pay penalty for 8% for unsold units for the first year of extension, 16% for unsold units for the second year of extension and 24% for unsold units held for the third year of extension. This depends on the price of land the percentage of unsold units.

New Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) Ruling

Developers for projects with 5 units or more, acquiring new sites before 6 Jul 2018 by are subjected to 15% ABSD but could be remitted on certain conditions.

Developers acquiring new sits on or after 6 Jul 2018 are subjected to a new ABSD ruling which make them liable to 30% ABSD of which 5% is not remittable. Remssion conditons are listed from IRAS.


Developers in managing profit and losses for specific developments would have to considered these rulings. One of the easier tasks is to lower the profit margin for selected units especially if there are only a handful of units unsold.

However, there are developments that are not affected by these new rulings as the land obtained could be many years ago before the implementation of these new rulings.

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