Essential Points to Note WHEN you step into a Showflat:

1: How To Choose A Great Location

Property should be look upon as an investment and you should remove any preconception and any emotion when you step into the Showflat.

The excitement, the hear say, the sentimental memories, the feeling make up the EMOTION before you step into the showflat.

You may feel that you will not want to step out of a particular area, you may feel that many of your friends and relatives are buying into one particular area and you want to join them, you may feel Geylang will always be a red light district and you do not want to be even near it.

Emotions are just feelings, there is no basis backed by facts and data and that could result in a bad investment.

Ask for facts and data from the people at the show flat or have a look at URA Master Plan for Singapore. It has a great wealth of information but you would need to know what to look out for.

  1. Click on
  2. Zoom in on the area of interest; West Region, North Region, North-East Region, Central Region or East Region
  3. You will be able to have a better understanding on the surroundings that are planned.
  4. You can also view the Growth Areas of Singapore; Jurong Lake District, City Centre, Kallang Riverside and Paya Lebar Central.   These areas will be going through major transformations.

2: How To Select A New Property Launch With A Great Appreciation Potential

It all boils down to demand and supply in the future. Choosing the right growth region is certainly an option that can be considered.

There are two major demand factors:

  1. There Are Several Places Where Business And Work Will Be Done Nearby

Rush hour periods can be quite mad in Singapore and it seem that it is going to get worse when the population of Singapore increases.

Where demand is concerned, there is a need to attract good volume of tenants, buyers and nearby workplace employers. Demand will be higher if the supply is limited.

Workplaces will be areas of new commercial and office spaces, concentration of suppliers of high value goods and services and amenities.

Amenities would include:

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Wet Markets
  • Hawker Centres
  • Childcare Centres
  • Top Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Shopping Malls
  • Clinics
  • Cinemas
  • Cafes
  • Etc (dependent on the lifestyle of the buyer)


The specific property would be more attractive if more of these amenities are within walking distance from the property. It will be more convenient for the buyer or tenant.

In other words, the more nearby amenities there are, the demand for that location would be higher.

  1. Easy Transportation Options

Most of the buyers are familiar with the MRT effect. Some would only consider properties that are near a MRT station.

This choice may have worked for many but it should be considered with other transportation options.

If the residents of a property are able to take a public bus to the Central Business District (CBD), the property could be worth more versus having to take MRT having to change stations a few times. With the MRT breaking down quite frequently in Singapore, the MRT is less reliable.

Bus stops can be found at Street Directory Website. (Bus stops are indicated by the red bus icons). Details on the various bus services can be found by clicking on the tooltip.


What to look out for when you step into the New Property Launch Showflat.

Show flats are designed to impress potential buyers.

Usually by the time, you see the property advertised in the major newspapers, there would be some private launch done.

Thus, the best time to see a property of your interest is to view the show flats before the public gets to view it.

Once you step in the show flat, it is recommended that you:

  1. Have A Close Look At The Show Model

The show model is usually displayed near the entrance of the show flat. Most of the models are made to scale as closely as possible and will give a fair view of the property when it is completed.

You would be able to determine the preferred facing units along with the types of units available for sale. You would also know which units have unblocked views and which are blocked within the development.

Every model comes with an indication where the north direction so you would be able to determine the east and west facing. If you are not sure, please ask the property consultant.

The direction which is the unit is facing is a personal choice. There are buyers who preferred the west facing units as they are likely less expensive.

  1. Look For The Substation And Bin Centre

These are two areas that are least popular. It may not be obvious now but when the development is completed, facing the bin centre or substation will be obvious.

A point to note is that the substation is likely to be located next to the bin centre.

  1. Look For Units That Are Too Close To Each Other

Again this may not be obvious but will be obvious when the development is completed.

A general guideline is to choose units that are less than 40 m away from another unit.

However, the architect may design the unit such that there is still privacy in the homes.

  1. Take Note Of The ‘Star Buys’ And The Better Stacks

‘Star buys’ units can be rather attractive because the developer could be giving special promotional prices to kick out the sales of the development.

There will always be better stacks within the development. However, these would be priced slightly higher. It could be because of the views (unblocked, greenery views, city views, sea views, reservoir view) or location within the development (elevated higher) or comes with special items.

If you are looking to stay, it is advisable to consider these better stacks so that it could be more comfortable when you start to stay at the development. However, if you are looking at the property as an investment, there is no need to consider these better stacks as the differentiation between your stack and other less expensive stack would be difficult to qualify.

  1. Having a look at The Show Units

Show units are showcases. They have been designed to impress potential buyers and investors. They would likely been done by an interior designer and decorated with glamorous ideas.

Unless other stated, the units that are available for sale are bare units, likely with fixtures and certain furniture.

  1. Look At The Size Of The Bedrooms

As a guide, look whether the bedroom is able to accommodate a queen size bed (153 cm by 191 cm).

For the smaller rooms designated to be children’s room or office, look at how the designer placed the beds or office furniture.

Consider tearing down a wall in between bedroom to make a bigger space if required but please be consulted whether the wall could be torn down. If the wall is the supporting wall for the house, it cannot be torn down.

Look at the wardrobe, check whether it has enough space for the doors to be opened if they are swinging doors.

  1. Look At The Size Of The Kitchen

In some family, the kitchen is the central location where gathering are done. Have a feel of the size of the kitchen and whether it is large enough. Look and see whether it could be enclosed.

Look at the range of appliances provided. Do note whether they come with the unit.

  1. Total Feel Of The Unit

For those buying to stay, you would need to imagine the unit and consider whether it suits your current and future needs. You would need to consider the needs of each resident. Each age group would have different needs; the elderly, the children, the teenagers respectively.

Some units are dual units, which means that there is a possibility of getting a tenant for another independent unit. This is getting more popular in Singapore.

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